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Freeware : Mini Computer Flight 2020

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Edit 2 – March 19th: The software is back online ! And 33 aircraft profiles have been added in the mean time. Edit : The author informed us he had to remove the software because the server used to run his freeware is not accessible anymore. The new multilingual tool…

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Version 3 of FSLoadmaster

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FSLoadMaster from PegasusWeb is an inexpensive, stand-alone, tool, allowing you to calculate fuel burn – and thus loading – for a wide variety of aircraft in the FS world. A new update to version 3, which is free to existing users, brings three new aircraft profiles, direct load of performance…

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Freeware : PMDG 737-800 fuel planner

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Out of the box, the PMDG 737 NGX doesn’t come with a fuel planner. You can manage many options, weight and balance from within the FMC but if you don’t have a flight planning tool or other fuel consumption reference handy, you may need this. It’s a freeware fuel planner, for…


Android fuel planner in development

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Edvard Holst has been in contact with simFlight to promote his upcoming fuel planner for Android devices. Designed for use with any simulator, the tool is apparently pretty much complete, but the developer is adding final touches and polish, as well as looking for additional functionality that can be added.…