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CRJ-900 sounds from TSS

By 0 Turbine Sound Studio’s latest package is one that even default aircraft pilots can use – the Bombardier CRJ-900 with GE CF34-8C5 engines. You don’t only get the engine sounds though – the package adds a number of environmental and system sounds, too. It is available for both MS FSX…

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TSS Soundset for the A300 GE CF-6-50C2

By 0 Turbine Sound Studios turn their attention to an older member of the Airbus fleet with their latest release, covering the GE CF-6-50C2 powered A300 aircraft. Aimed at the perspective of the pilot’s seat, the sound set features “externally Aircondition and APU sounds, and accurate wind sounds from the cockpit,…

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Heavy metal from Turbine Sound Studios

By 0 Turbine Sound Studios released a veritable plethora of high bypass turbofan soundsets over the weekend, covering Boeing and Airbus heavy jets and two powerplant manufacturers, with all five packages available for both MS FS9 and FSX. To start off, the Airbus A330 featured in the video above is now…