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IcarusGold has released a WWII Fighter ie the ‘GRUMMAN DUCK, designed specifically for FSX, SP1, SP2, Acceleration or Gold. This is basically a single engined amphibious bi-plane or flying boat that was also capable of landing on conventional airfields with its main retractable gear and tail skid/wheel. ICARUSGOLD have given us 7 Models, the Grumman JF2-4-5=6, (19 historically accurate re-paints) and these may differ by the type of engine, size of float, weapons configuration, etc. This is a very good collection of a now defunct war bird, and sadly, there are very few left that still fly. But wait there’s more!! You also get an extra 4 WWII (unnamed) airfields which include >50 new FSX objects and they look very nice.


Icarusgold – Grumman Duck

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Icarusgold latest entry at simMarket is the Grumman Duck biplane, whose virtual cockpit looks stunning. Take your helmet and jacket, you’re ready for a flight in this mythic and beautiful body.