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simFlight Back On Its Feet

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You will have noticed that we had problems these past few days. Both the site and the forums were running extremely slow, or not at all at times. The server was totally overloaded, no matter how many resources we threw at it. Turns out there was one of these ‘commercial…


Sim Outhouse Hacked

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Yet another FS web site apparently got hacked last night. The bad thing is that the hackers may have retrieved passwords from users who were so careless to try and log in into the non-regular screen presented to them !! So if you are one of those, and use that…


AVSIM Destroyed By Hacker

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Tom Allensworth, CEO and Publisher of AVSIM, today issued the following announcement; “We regret to inform the flight simulation community that on Tuesday, May 12, AVSIM was hacked and effectively destroyed. The method of the hack makes recovery difficult, if not impossible, to recover from. Both servers, that is the…