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Halycon Media box: World & Clouds

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German publisher Halycon Media have added a general world improvement package for users of FS9 and FSX today, in the form of “World & Clouds”, available in German language only as a boxed product. World & Clouds brings new landclasses and textures to both sims, along with numerous replacement and…

Train Simulator

Junior Trainz from Halycon Media

By 0 We don’t normally post the “less simmy” stuff sold through simMarket here, but along with all the more serious/realistic development for Railworks3/Train Simulator 2012, we thought this one might catch peoples’ eyes as a bit of fun. Unfortunately it’s available in German only at this time, but if you…


Halycon Box: Pole to Pole

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On simMarket available now is Pole to Pole, a box from Halycon Media, repackaged from First Class Simualtions and originaly from…. ? It is sort of a Round Robin flight. “…..  Experience the planet as you have never seen it before as you head south from the most desolate wilderness…

Other Simulations

Halycon Trams For Trainz

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Another new title from the German Halycon box publisher (in German only this time!) is the tramway for Trainz 2009 train simulator in the fictive city of Cabon. With the (renewed) demise of the Microsoft Trains Simulator there are more and more Trainz add-ons appearing. The Cabon City title looks…


More Halycon Media Titles on simMarket

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Halycon Media repackages (and sometimes translates into German) existing download products into boxed products. Many of them have appeared on Abacus before. Today three more have been added to the simMarket shop. Panavia Tornado German only),  UAV Predator and Around the World in 80 Flights. The entire range of Halycon…