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Active Sky 4 – Beta Update for P3D v4.3

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HiFi team posted a new update, in version Open Beta, to bring the compatibility of their weather engine and environment solution with Prepar3D v4.3. A few other issues of Active Sky for P3D4 should have been fixed at the same time.


ActiveSky 16 and Cloud Art Coming Soon and Pricing Revealed?

By 0 Today , Hifi’s website has been updated with a possible pricing table in addition to a new video being embedded on the site too. The pricing table is publically available on their website and shows what appears to be the expected prices. Tiers for a separate version for FSX/FSX:SE…


Active Sky Next SP4.1

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Just released by HiFi team, the new Service Pack 4.1 for Active Sky Next is the official update to support P3D v2.5 and P3D v3.2. It definitely solves the issue met with P3D v2.5 compatibility. So enjoy your stable software now, and get the update from


Active Sky 2012 announced

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The future of Active Sky has been revealed by Damian Clark of HiFi Technologies : Active Sky 2012 will install 16Gb of HD environment textures, bring better depiction of storms, bahave with enhanced performance, and bring other improvements. Read all about it here. They wish to be able to release…