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Cockpitsonic GmbH Hardware

Based in Germany near Frankfurt, Cockpitsonic supplies qualitative and impressive pieces of hardware for flight simulators, mostly A320 and B737 cockpit replicas, but also for

Sim On Solution – 737 Overhead

Instead of clicks in a virtual cockpit, Sim On Solution make the dream come true to actually control a 737 overhead replica, scale 1:1. Using

CPFlight – New 737 MCP Pro v2 And More

httpv:// Manufactured by CPFlight, the well known MCP 737 Pro is now arrived in stock in its new version 2. Among the components, new Swiss made

OpenCockpits parts 747 and 767

OpenCockpits allows you to order their Boeing 747 and 767 cockpit replica parts for your home system. Their plug-and-play modules just need a USB port,

Simworld 737NG Forward Overhead

We reported the availability of the main panel module for Simworld‘s USB Plung & Play B737NG cockpit at the weekend, it has now been joined

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