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Honeycomb – Charlie Rudder Pedals

According to the latest Aerosoft Social Media info, Honeycomb Aeronautical and Aerosoft have officially begun production of the highly anticipated Charlie Rudder Pedals. Delivery is

Honeycomb Accessories Release

Several new accessories designed and engineered by Honeycomb Aeronautical are now available, as they also received new units in stock of their main products :

Honeycomb – Bravo Center Console

Hoenycomb is progressing on the prototype of their Bravo Center Console, that will complete their Bravo Throttle Quadrant in order to use a mouse and/or

Honeycomb – Alpha Flight Controls

For civilian flight simulation, a yoke is usually better than a simple joystick as flight control : more commands and buttons, realistic look and control

Honeycomb Flight Controls – Preorder

Announced here in September 2017, the Honeycomb devices will be available next April 2019. Find their Yoke “Alpha Flight Controls” and the thrust set “Bravo

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