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Immersive Audio – Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion P3D4.4-5

By 0 Immersive Audio decided to further improve the sounds of the excellent payware airliner Fly The Maddog X. Cockpit Sound Immersion P3D4.4-5 is exclusively made for these aircraft models MD-82, and includes high quality cockpit sounds (GPWS, wipers, Authrottle servos, gear..).


Immersive Audio – 737XU Cockpit Sound Immersion Lite P3D v5/v4.4

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At the difference with previous soundpacks from Immersive Audio, their new 737XU Cockpit Sound includes true stereo recordings, and many new sounds : over 100. For example, the nose gear airflow, rattle and rotation, or the speedbrake rumble have been added for the most realistic experience, only for PMDG 737NGXu,…


NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion FSX P3D

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httpv:// There are hundreds of cockpit sounds in the NGX Sound Immersion pack for PMDG 737. Immersive Audio brings realistic and high fidelity audio for each lever, switch, trim wheels or even the CDU buttons actions. Watch the video and hear the difference.