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FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013

By 0 The latest version of FSFlyingSchool for FS9 and X is now available. If you’ve never heard of this package, it monitors and grades your flights to show areas for improvement, or where you are doing well, allowing you to compete against others for honours as best pilot, or just…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

FSFlyingSchool updated

By 0 FSFlyingSchool have announced an update, bringing their software flight instructor up to version 5.6 for FS2004 and FSX. “FSFlyingSchool Pro now gives you the option to use your GPS during the flight in a way that interacts directly with your instructor. These have been developed using the (simulated) Garmin…


FSInventions – FSFlyingSchool 2011

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FS FlyingSchool 2011 is a new version of the virtual instructor for FSX / FS2004. Its main new features include the ability to fly from/to where you want without flightplan, and the instructor will give you advices about the runway selected, or the runway you are heading to.