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IRIS – CT-4F Akala Preview Update

Seeing that IRIS team is speeding up their posts on the social networks about their upcoming CT-4F Akala, it could mean that they are working on

IRIS – CT/4F Akala Preview Video For sure, it affects me much less in a video than if I was really onboard. IRIS Simulations take us for a tour in

IRIS – CT-4F Alaka Preview Update

IRIS Simulations noticed that their last preview album was particularly appreciated by the visitors. More pics of their upcoming CT/4F Alaka have been shared to

IRIS – Embraer 312 Tucano Project

Another military training turboprop aircraft will expand the IRIS collection titles : the EMB 312 Tucano. It’s also used in the aerobatic squadron and air forces,

IRIS – Pilatus PC-24 SVJ Updated

If you have purchased the Pilatus PC-24 SVJ, you will be interested in the latest patch from IRIS. Click here to access directly to the changelog.

IRIS – CT-4F Akala project

Another Aitrainer for military pilots initializing their career is on the projects list of IRIS Simulations. On the 2 pics revealed by the studios on

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