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FlyTampa – Hong Kong KAI-TAK in P3D4 !

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FlyTampa have exciting news about their famous scenery of Hong Kong Kai-Tak. New and Free update for P3D4 available gents ! Ground polygon, safegates and SODE jetways added and much more. About Las Vegas KLAS under progress, Emilios of FlyTampa admits the developments has needed more time than anticipated but…


Hamburg, Kai Tak and Lukla

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What do these three places have in common? Nothing really, except that you can LAND on all three of them and that they are provided by Aerosoft for you now. Lukla (boxed) is a really steep and short runway in Tibet and Kai Tak (boxed) is the old adrenaline-kicker airport…


Must See: this Kai Tak video

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[youtube][/youtube] A user over at simflight.DE made us aware of this amazing video by Eddy van Gelder which displays in amanzingly views the recently released FlyTampa Hong Kong Scenery. but there are more, watch after the click:


Kai Tak From FlyTampa Coming

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A peek on the forums from Martin Brunken of FlyTampa reveals some stunning screenshots depicting the Kai Tak Airport (Hong Kong) apparently being in the making. Check out Martin’s forum here.