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Review: MSK’s Karachi Jinnah international airport

Look west, and tell me what you see? I tell you what I see. I see airports everywhere. A map, filled with pushpins all over Europe, even the US. Now look east. What do you see? You’ll agree with me that you see mostly desert and mountains. Even the desert and mountains you see don’t look very spectacular. The reason is simple: The Middle East and Asia are rather forgotten in Flight Simulator. Many of the big airports got an addon for them, like Singapore, Hong Kong (old and new) and Tokyo. Speaking of Tokyo, Japan is the only country in Asia to have been very well covered thanks to the efforts of Overland. Let’s take a few steps back, though, back to the Middle East. While most of the Middle East is, literally, desert, the real Middle East still has some life in it. In FS, the Middle East is about as welcome a destination as a big pit of broken glass. Why? Because there is hardly any scenery for it. Is there scenery for Jordan? Syria? No. No scenery that is of truly high quality, anyway. There is quite a lot of scenery for Israel, but that’s about it. We have one scenery for Iraq (Baghdad), and that’s where most of the effort ends… until now.

Karachi Airport Jinnah Released

‘MSK Productions’ presents the “….. first Pakistani airport scenery of Jinnah International Airport for MS FS2004. Jinnah International airport is Pakistan’s largest international and domestic

Karachi Airport Under Wraps

We stumbled onto a designer from Pakistan who is beavering away at building Karachi Airport. Some screenshots on the forum of History of PIA show

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