FSdreamteam – Key West MSFS Update

At Key West in MSFS, FSdreamteam added several improvements and quite important details in a free update. The lighthouse and the Loggerhead Island, Fort Jefferson

FSdreamteam – Key West for MSFS

Welcome to Key West (KEYW) in MSFS. Thanks to FSdreamteam, next gen simmers can land at a very detailed airport with specific and native features

LatinVFR – Key West KEYW

Any volunteer to explore Key West airport and island ? LatinVFR spread landmarks and custom Autogen to help you find your way in VFR flights.

LatinVFR — Key West (Fs2004)

Development of Key West scenery has gone well according to LatinVFR forum where you will find the latest preview. Note it’s still in early development

LatinVFR – Key West Intl shot

As usual with LatinVFR developments, the latest airports announced are already taking shape. There’s a quick shot of Key West Intl KEYW taken from FS2004

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