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Aerosoft – Köln / Bonn EDDK Preview

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Aerosoft introduce a new video of the upcoming German airport : Köln / Bonn EDDK. The publsiher adds that the designer is Jo Erlend Sund qui a déjà réalisé Trondheim, Tromsø, Stavanger et d’autres.


German Airports 2 X

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Aerosoft writes “……It has taken the GA-Team more than a year to create a new dimension in german airport sceneries. This Addon includes the following airports: Cologne/Bonn, Hannover, Dortmund, Munster/Osnabruck and Leipzig…..”.


GAP2 Cologne/Bonn From Aerosoft

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Aerosoft has released yet another product in their German airports 2 series. Cologne/Bonn has been added to the German Airports 2 series “…… and as always this is state of the art scenery design. See the Konrad Adenauer airport in full glory, from the massive freight terminal to the military…