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RFscenerybuilding – LFKJ Ajaccio and LFKB Bastia-Poretta P3D5

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RFscenerybuilding have been revisiting their sceneries collection for P3D5, and two recent titles are both located in Corsica, the French island in the Mediterranean Sea. LFKJ Ajaccio and LFKB Bastia-Poretta are now looking realistic with their numerous custom buildings, the dynamic lights and the road traffic.


RFscenerybuilding – LFKB Bastia-Poretta P3D4

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Numerous sceneries of RFscenerybuilding have been updated to Prepar3D v4 with enhancements and new features inside. Among them, the latest is LFKB Bastia Poretta, one of the main airports at Corsica Island in France, between the French Riviera and Italy. Exclusively made for P3D4, the airport is now including dynamic…


RFSceneryBuilding – LFKB Bastia-Poretta FSX P3D

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After their successful product of LFKJ Ajaccio in Corsica, RFSceneryBuilding comes up with another important airport of the Island settled in Mediterranean Sea in the South of France : LFKB Bastia-Poretta for FSX/P3D. Featuring the glass effects on the windows of the buildings, the seasonal effects, and 3D grass just to…