Skyline Simulation – Samos XP Preview

Samos LGSM for X-Plane is at its early stage of progress, Skyline Simulation reveals the first preview screenshots with close-up views on the ground polygon

Aerosoft / 29Palms sceneries updates

For three sceneries at once, 29Palms Scenery Design spread the word that they updated photoreal terrain color, documentation, vegetation models, software. If you own one of the following

29Palms – More Samos screens

Not only there are 11 new preview screens of Samos LGSM in Greece, at 29Palms Scenery Design Facebook page, there’s also a nice part of

29Palms – Samos terminal preview

If you want more Greeks sceneries, 29Palms Scenery Design will be happy to deliver soon their new Samos island and airport for FSX and P3D. The

29Palms – Samos development info

Get the latest news of Samos airport (LGSM) via the Facebook page of the designers : 29Palms Scenery Design. LGSM is receiving advanced development efforts to

29Palms – Samos X LGSM

Still at its early development stage, one of the future sceneries of 29Palms Scenery Design will be Samos X LGSM. Close to Turkish coastlines, the Greek island

29Palms – Samos first preview

After a quick announcement, it’s now time for the first preview at Samos. The Greek island is being entirely reproduced by 29Palms Scenery Design. You wish you could

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