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Logitech picks up Saitek

It’s official, Mad Catz leaves Saitek in the hands of Logitech, the Swiss hardware manufacturer. Specialist of PC simulation hardware devices, Saitek will help Logitech

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Review

The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro was my first decent joystick. I’ve owned a very cheap, and not very good joystick before that, but it was my 3D Pro that paved the way for me to go into serious flightsimming. The Extreme 3D Pro is a simple but sturdy USB-joystick that requires no extra connections. It has all the necessary stuff: 4 control axis (stick fore-aft and left-right, a stick twist for the rudder, and a throttle lever), 11 buttons (1 trigger, 5 extra buttons on the stick, and 6 on the base) and a 8-way hat switch on top of the stick. It’s not a new product, I bought mine more than 6 years ago, but in my opinion, it deserves a review here nevertheless. The fact that’s it’s still available for purchase proves the fact that it’s a decent piece of hardware.

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