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LatinVFR – New Orleans KMSY MSFS

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There’s a new product released by LatinVFR ! Good news for simmers in need of more US airports for MSFS, the new scenery leads us to Louisiana, at New Orleans KMSY. Discover now the custom and hand made objects that reproduce the airport very close to reality, even with terminal…


Vertical Simulations – New Orleans KMSY XP11

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Already authors of US airports for X-Plane, Vertical Simulations released New Orleans KMSY to expand their products catalogue. Among the animations, you’ll get ground vehicles, 3D workers and sea traffic. Downtown New Orleans and Autogen are included for the surroundings. It sounds and looks particularly nice.


LatinVFR – New Orleans KMSY P3DV4

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LatinVFR brings to the P3D4 market another US airport featuring the latest design techniques : PBR, SODE animations, HD textures, ground polygon .. KMSY New Orleans is a new and modern airport about to open in May 2019 and already accurately reproduced. Update v1.3 changelog : 1- Fixed some flickering…


LatinVFR – New Orleans KMSY with PBR Preview

By 0 After Baltimore Washington KBWI and Santiago V2 SCEL, LatinVFR is working on New Orleans KMSY in Louisiana, USA. Like other major designer teams, LatinVFR will take advantage of the latest P3D v4.4 visual features including the Physically Based Rendering effects, particularly efficient when the hard surface is wet.


MegaScenery Earth – Ultra-Res City New Orleans

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New Orleans in Louisiana, USA, exists now as a photoreal scenery using high definition textures made of aerial views. Developed by MegaScenery Earth, this title also includes a Terminal Area map like other Ultra-Res cities products.

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MegaScenery Earth expands into Louisiana

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Continuing their coverage of the Southern United States once more, Louisiana has now been covered with 50cm/pixel photorealistic textures by PCAviator’s MegaScenery Earth series. A little over 51,000 square miles in size and with 272 airports, the state has a wide variety of terrain to fly over, although it is…

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KMSY New Orleans photoreal V3 free

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httpv:// The next terrain to land your preferred airliner may be KMSY New Orleans, LA, USA. Send your grateful message to Glenn Johnson for his freeware work. Installing accurate terminals, the parking signs and used runways for takefoffs and landings are also realistic. Search for file 27,7 Mb at usual…