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Mathijs Kok at PMDG

Robert Randazzo CEO and founder of PMDG confirmed in their forum that Mathijs Kok joined their team. “Personally, I am very pleased to welcome my

Airbus X Extended delayed

Over at the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok has announced a delay to the release of their upcoming Airbus X Extended package,which is now due for

More Screenshots of AMS for X-Plane

Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft has today posted more images of their upcoming Amsterdam Schipol for X-Plane to the preview forum. The ten new images show

Aerosoft Bari LIBD announced

One year ago, Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft was explaining in their forum that their company would find harder to develop Italian sceneries because of the

Aerosoft offices pictures

Curious to see Aerosoft people when they pretend to work, or discover their international – and maps decorated – offices after they cleaned the desks,

Interview with M.Kok & A.Kozma on new Andras Field project

There is some information making the rounds in some forums about a new project named Andras Field to be released soon. I was curious when i was given a pdf outlining the full scope of the project and was even more curious after reading it. It turns out that it follows an idea that started many many years ago with a product originally released for FS2002 by an Italian company called Lago and that was known as Emma Field. It was about a fictional airfield full of daily (automated) life and supported by a forum that is actually a living community populated by simmers. EF itself is rather dormant these days as there was never any development finished for FSX.

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