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RotateSim – MD-80 procedure videos

httpv:// I agree with RotateSim when they write a preview video is worth numerous screenshots. Their MD-80 in development for X-Plane is enough advanced to

Fly The Maddog Pro SP2

The maddog pilots will welcome the new Service Pack 2 for their Fly The Maddog Professional. Leonardo SH explains it will enable the compatibility with Windows

MD-11 MCDU training video

Angle of Attack has a teaser (cut) video of their MCDU training for MD-11. It’s of course the PMDG MD-11 model here, and we are

Area 51 Sim – C-17 Globemaster

My advice is you start playing some noisy rock’n’roll music before you visit the C-17 Globemaster product page by Area 51 Sim. I guess there’s

Aeropresentation – Blu-Ray SAS MD80

httpv:// A bit of patience has been needed since their last SAS 737-5/800, but now you can expand your real aviation blu-ray collection. This new

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