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MilViz – MD530F PBR P3DV4

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With the configuration manager included, the helicopter MD530F can be set up to your preference among the various exterior fits, gauges equipment, liveries.. And MilViz also enhanced the model itself in this new version that now supports the PBR materials in P3D4.


MilViz MD530F Quick Startup Tutorial

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httpv:// In less than 2 minutes, MilViz teach in video how to quickly start their latest MD530F. It’s just a matter of a few clicks, not a long and hard procedure. But of course, you get things right if you follow the tutorial.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Milviz MD530F on simMarket

By 0 With their latest release, the MD530F single turbine helicopter, Milviz have opted to provide as much support for different platforms and 3rd party gauges as they could, but as a result, have split the package out into numerous options, depending on what you want. All the base packages contain realistic…