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Aircraft T-38A Review cover

Milviz Advanced Series T-38A Talon Review

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Late last year, Milviz released the T-38A Talon Advanced, a follow-up to their 2011 T-38A Jet Trainer. The main new features in the Advanced version are a custom flight dynamics and physics model, failure and damage modelling and a new, custom, flight control system. Intrigued, I got myself a T-38,…


Milviz – FG-1D Corsair News

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Military Visualizations bringing a FG-1D with Tacpac support exclusively to P3D v2.5. In what seems to be a unique move actually makes quite a lot of sense in my opinion. Although the FSX market is still alive and well it can essentially give them more freedom with what they can…


MilViz MD530F

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Each time we find an interesting piece of information for our fellow friends pilots of helicopters, we report here. And we share with great enthusiasm especially when the preview comes from Military Visualizations (MilViz), flattering our eyes with their quality models, here’s their model of the 530F of MD Helicopters.