MilViz – 180 Evo P3D5

The new 180 Evo pack for P3D5 is the latest invitation of Milviz to log hours as a virtuel pilot in the business aviation world.

MilViz – KA350I P3DV4.5

In-depth systems simulations, and immersive effects with audio and PBR textures, MilViz will catch hardcore simmers in lack of an advanced turboprop aircraft. Their King

MilViz – MD530F PBR P3DV4

With the configuration manager included, the helicopter MD530F can be set up to your preference among the various exterior fits, gauges equipment, liveries.. And MilViz

MilViz – ATR 72-600 FMS Video

Despite of your preference for the turboprop engines look of the ATR 72-600, today it’s a FMS previews video that shares MilViz. No joke, their

MilViz – T-38C Talon Flight Tutorial

It was published in last April, but it’s very comprehensive and interesting flight tutorial that you should not miss. This video is intended for Milviz

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