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Shovsoft’s Lunar Flight on simMarket

By 0 It’s worth putting up that video again, we think, to advertise the addition of Shovsoft’s “Lunar Flight” to simMarket’s catalogue. If you’re after a break from the norm, a trip to the moon might be just the ticket and Lunar Flight gives you the opportunity to try your hand…


And now for something slightly different…

By 0 Shovosoft’s Lunar Flight isn’t a new release, but it’s one of those little gems that you find hiding at the back of the “Simulations” section of Steam where no-one ever seems to look. Billing itself as a “modern take on the classic arcade game, Lunar Lander” Lunar Flight takes…


Amazing Look of the Moon

By 2

Yep, yours truly, ‘the video man’ has found another amazing little film specially for our Shuttle Simuation fans out there. It is remarkable what one can view from it’s own backyard these days, hope you like it: