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NXGN Simulations NADI FSX P3D

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The wait has not been long since FS2004 version release : only 3 days to get the separate FSX / P3D v1 / P3D v2 scenery of Nadi International, the main airport of Fidj Islands. The visual effects include “bump maps and specular maps on almost all elements”, and “Rain…


NXGN Simulations release NADI X (FS2004)

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One year ago, NXGN Simulations settled their first scenery spot in French Polynesia,  at Tahiti Faa NTAA, in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Aiming at the same simulators compatibility schedule, they have released NADI X for FS2004. The Republic of Fidji is between the French Polynesia and Australia in the…