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Article/Review: Ultimate City X: Buffalo/Niagara Falls

You know that town? That town with a name that makes you think of Texas? Indians? Cowboys? Yes, I’m talking about Buffalo, the town close to one of the most spectacular natural sights in the USA: Niagara Falls. It’s this town that I’m going to look at in this second instalment of “Ultimate City X”. I will once again combine addons to get the most out of them and that way try to recreate Buffalo as best as I can so that the approach to KBUF’s runway 5 will never be the same again.

Review: FlyTampa’s Buffalo Niagara Falls Intl KBUF

Buffalo Niagara Falls International airport, KBUF, is actually located in the town of Cheektowaga, Erie County, New York Sate, USA and is named after the Buffalo Niagara Falls Metropolitan area. It is the third busiest airport in New York State and serves the Buffalo area as well as the region of Southern Ontario, Canada. It was built in 1926 making it one of the oldest airports in the United States. Over the decades it has been expanded numerous times and this scenery depicts the results of the final expansion and completion of the newest terminal with it’s 26 gates. In 2006 both runways were lengthened making runway 5/23 8827 feet long and 14/32 7161 feet long. In 2006 more then 5 million passengers passed through it’s gates, a number not expected to be reached by 2020.

Niagara From Newport

Newport released yet another satellite photo package, this time covering the Niagara Falls. He writes “…..  Photo Real Buffalo/Niagara X is a ground texture replacement

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