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LatinVFR create the tip of the triangle

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Centering around the L. F. Wade International Airport, LatinVFR’s new Bermuda scenery covers not only the airport and main island, but also provides the archipelago of almost 200 islands, all covered by photoscenery and hand-placed autogen for FS9 and X The airport itself is created with high detail custom structures,…


FSGenesis North Atlantic Mesh

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FSGenesis is still going strong and just released yet another mesh product in their long line. “…. The FS2004 version of North Atlantic is now available for immediate purchase and download. Featuring 38m terrain mesh for Jan Mayen Island and Iceland, 76m for Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands and Greenland, as…


FSGenesis North Atlantic Coming

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Justin Tyme reports that “…… FSGenesis North Atlantic Terrain has grown during production over the past week or so. Now including custom-built shorelines, as well as complete road network and inland waters, this has become a “total” product, not just enhanced terrain mesh. Jan Meyan Island, Faroe Islands and Iceland…