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AES version 2.45

A good bunch of new airports are now supported by Airport Enhancement Services : FlyTampa Amsterdam, UK2000 Manchester Xteme v2, FSDG Reunion Island, Justsim Nice

AES update v2.42

Oliver Pabst and his Airport Enhancement Services tool now support new sceneries, and many of them for free without needing any of your credits. Punta Cana 2016,

AES v2.41 is online

The new version 2.41 of Airport Enhancements Services is ready for download. See the releases notes for the full list of the airports now supported

AES v2.36 – 14 new or updated airports

As the title says, the latest update from developer Oliver Pabst to his venerable but very effective Airport Enhancement Services package brings no fewer than

AES Updated – Version 2.35

It’s been a while since we last had an update from Oliver Pabst regarding his Airport Enhancement Services (AES) package. Apparently he has been far

AES development news

The numerous users of AES should be happy to read about the ongoing development of the animated ground services and effects designed by Oliver Pabst.

AES Updated again – version 2.33

It’s “only” an airport update this time, but Oliver Pabst has updated Aerosoft‘s Airport Environment Services to version 2.33. The new version includes almost 30

AES v2.31 : new airports supported

Again, Oliver Pabst updated his Airport Environment Services, now in version 2.31. Like most of the new versions, this one has been made to enable

AES v2.30

No new airport supported in this update for AES of Oliver Pabst and Aerosoft. But new features yes ! New vehicles, new staff animations, enhanced

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