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OMSI 2 – Add-on Mallorca

A new map expansion for OMSI 2 has arrived at the shop : Add-on Mallorca includes various bus lines and buses (solo or articulated) to drive

OMSI 2 – Add-on Rheinhausen

New expansions and announcements have turned pretty exciting around OMSI 2 lately. The bus simulation sees another expansion released on the market by Halycon Media this

OMSI 2 – Add-On Aachen

In Aachen the Imperial City, OMSI 2 lets you drive along 2 bus lines of the German city Aachen. It will take you about 85 minutes

Now a tram in OMSI 2 !

httpv:// For the first time in OMSI 2, your task is now to drive a tram from Essen to Gelsenkirchen in Germany. You will have to

New addons for OMSI 2

In both new addons for OMSI 2, you get new buses with articulated variants, and editable front band displays to match the bus you drive. Various

Biggest expansion for OMSI 2

httpv:// Named Project Gladbeck, it’s a wide expansion for Omnibus Simulator 2.  As a virtual bus driver, you get about 2.000 hours of fun through the

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