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ORBX/FTX – Friday Harbor Video

As we all know, if you fly FSX, this is the location you will spawn in in mid air. Turbulent Designs have recreated this iconic

ORBX – Welshpool EGCW Announced

Heiko and Andreas’ last UK project, has been pulled from the back burner and is in the process of being finished off by Alex Goff.

Orbx – Rohnerville Previews

Iain Emms has posted a handful of previews of their upcoming Rohnerville scenery. Can’t say I’m familiar with the airport although its certainly looking good.

ORBX – Murray Field Released

ORBX have published Turbulent Designs latest release; KEKA Murray Field. It looks especially good although you’ll have to purchase it from FlightSimStore. To purchase Murray

ORBX – Stockholm Arlanda Preview

On the ORBX forums, John Venema posted an “unofficial” preview of their upcoming Arlanda project. Currently that’s all for now.

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