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Technobrain – Osaka Intl RJOO FSX P3D

Particularly appreciated for the various Japanese sceneries available in the catalogue, Technobrain completes Osaka airports with another entry for the metropolitan area : Osaka International

BDOaviation – Kansai Ready For P3Dv4

Reviewed with pure 5 stars comments from the customers, BDOaviation added the P3Dv4 installer to their product already compatible with P3D v3, FSX and FS9. Their

Latest Just Planes Blu-Rays

The two jackets that you can see on the left are the latest Aviation Blu-Ray videos launched by Just Planes : OSAKA shows some “runway

Just Planes — Air Tahiti Nui A340

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FPOzj1ao1A&feature=player_embedded A dream of a life : a trip to Tahiti ? With Just Planes last DVD, experience various flights of the Air Tahiti Nui

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