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Soarfly Concepts – Durham Tees Valley (Reworked) Teasers

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Soarfly Concepts are working on development for a payware version of Durham Tees Valley after they released a lower quality freeware version a while ago. You will find a few teaser previews below. Durham Tees Valley (EGNV) is actually my local airfield so It’s great to see a payware version be…


Review: Flight Replicas L-4 (FSX)

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Who doesn’t know what a Piper Cub is? Come on, hands up? No one? Good. Now who can honestly say what an “L4” is? To be honest, I had to raise my hand at this point, but when I saw the pictures of Flight Replica’s L-4 for FSX I really…


Icarusgold Release Pitts S2B

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Good news for all fans of the aerobatic genre: a new aerobatic sports biplane has been hatched. Icarusgold have released their Pitts S2B to the market! When Curtis Pitts first flew his “Pitts Special” in 1944, he probably had no idea that his baby would still be flying – and…