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BDOaviation – Phuket Intl Update

Update for the popular airport of Thailand released by BDOaviation only a few months ago last September. Among the fixes for Phuket airport VTSP, the

A_A Sceneries – Phuket VTSP Progress

A few weeks ago, we reported here the first batch of preview screenshots from A_A Sceneries about their development of Phuket VTSP in Thailand. Since

A_A Sceneries – VTSP Phuket Preview

Phuket VTSP in Thailand sounds familiar to A_A Sceneries customers, because they made it in 2012, for FSX. They are currently designing a full new

BDOaviation – Phuket VTSP FSX & P3D

It’s a famous and beautiful holiday destination for many tourists coming from many different countries each year to visit its luxuous resorts, sand beaches :

Phuket International Airport (VTSP) video Watch this and you’ll understand why A_A Sceneries is getting more fame and has entered the simMarket top 5 sales of the week. You’ll

Phuket International for FSX

Thailand’s Phuket Island is a huge draw for both internal and external tourism to the South East Asian country – so much so that the

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