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Pic du Midi v2 from Alro Creations

Definitely one for the rotary-wing pilot, rather than the airliner fans, Alro Creations have updated and reworked their recreation of the “Observatoire Astronomique du Pic

FranceVFR Midi-Pyrenees Photoreal

Most regular readers will, by now, be familiar with FranceVFR‘s photoreal area sceneries. Based on IGN aerial photography, they provide 0.85m – 1m/pixel photoreal imagery

Gliding Competition In Mission Pack

Here’s a pack with glider missions and an associated competition linked to them, made by Rousillon Aero Simulation of France. “…. Make a route of

Pic du Midi From Alro Création

“….. As a real landmark for VFR flight enthusiasts, this scene is also a real challenge for experienced helicopter pilots. Atmospheric conditions, the small size

FranceVFR Flight Series Collection Packs

FranceVFR released two of its earlier titles as ‘collection packs’ on simMarket. Flight Mediterranée is the first one, comprised of base pack AND Autogen pack

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