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Want to learn more about the DC-3?

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The Douglas DC-3/C-47 is an enduring icon; an aviation classic that has survived in regular commercial operation for over 60 years, outliving almost all of its replacements. Unsurprisingly, as a result of this, it has developed a considerable fanbase. If you’re a member of that enthusiast collection, would you be…

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More real-world sim experiences

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Two more real-world simulator experiences have added simMarket to their ticket outlets recently – both operating A320 cockpit experiences. The first, pictured above, is ViennaFlight, in Austria. who offer three different products ranged between €79 and €290, while AviaSim in Lyon, France, offer packages between €85 and €215. Click on…


R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

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Numerous news sources around the world are reporting the sad passing of aviation legend Neil Armstrong at the age of 82, following complications resulting from recent heart surgery. Although obviously most famous for being the first man to walk on the surface of the moon, Armstrong was also a combat…

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PA-34T Simulator tickets

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Pilots who want the experience of flying a full cockpit simulator, but don’t want the complexity of an airliner, may be interested in this PA-34T Seneca simulator, situated within the terminal at Dresden Airport in Germany. Each session lasts for 80 minutes, of which 60 are in the sim itself…

Comment Midland Air Ambulance EC135 G-HWAA

Midland Air Ambulance Open Day

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Now I know that every time we post something not directly related to Flight Simulation here, we get at least one complaint from someone that this is simFlight, not some general news site. However I want those people to stop and spare a thought here, because sometimes it’s worth reminding…


Stress Fractures spotted on Commercial B767-300 aircraft

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During routine maintenance, American Airlines has found stress fractures in the engine mounting pylons in two of its Boeing 767-300 aircraft.  These aircraft are in daily service.  The cracks were found at the juncture of where the pylon attaches to the wing. The manufacturer, Boeing will advise all world airlines…


FlightAware’s Free Flight Planning Tool

By 0 is a web site for ‘real world’ flying, but like many of these sites it also has its value for sim pilots. FlightAware’s new (Beta) flight planning tool for instance is a great addition to make one’s simulator flights more ‘real’. It lets you pick departure and destination, aircraft…