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Review: Cera Simaircraft Bell 412EP for FSX

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Wanting to try something different for my next review I took on a recent offering from Cera Simaircraft; their Bell 412EP for FSX SP2 v1.4 helicopter. The BELL 412EP (Enhanced performance) is a medium sized civilian helicopter that can trace it’s heritage back to the Bell Hueys originally designed in…


Review: Digital Aviation Fokker

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Digital Aviation recently released their Fokker 100 regional jet-liner into the sim-world and our colleagues over on the simFlight German network reviewed this plane in some detail. Just for us, they translated their review into English and passed the transcript over. It took quite some time for the Digital Aviation…


Simflight Reviews – And A Call For Input

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A new old feature has just been given a second lease of life on the simFlight front page. If you scroll down and watch the right hand side of the page, you’ll now see a direct link to the simFlight reviews library. Some people were missing the chance to find…

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User Reviews Thread – Your opinions sought!

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The possibility is being discussed of a “User Reviews” forum, here at simFlight, allowing you the opportunity to post your thoughts and comments on FS products. Do you think this would be valuable? Would you use it? What do you think? Click on “read full story”, below, for additional information.

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XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 Black Edition Review

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Hilbert at Guru3D reports “…… King of pre-overclocked products has to be XFX, their speed-bin of releasing OCed products is exceedingly fast. I do not think that there is an XFX product out there that is not available as a triple X edition or other series name slapped on top…