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Pilot Experience Sim – Saint-Tropez LFTZ MSFS

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PESIM is happy to introduce La Môle-Saint Tropez-LFTZ MSFS, the first Pilot Experience Sim scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It took a lot of work to put together a new workflow because everything is different. With our experience so far advanced since our launch three years ago, we have reworked…


LMT Simulation – LFTZ Saint-Tropez la Môle

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Author of two sceneries already available in the French Riviera area (Cannes and Vinon), LMT Simulation announce that the upcoming LFTZ Saint-Tropez la Môle is almost finished. This little airport receives daytime traffic of civilian and freight aircraft from regional and international destinations.


SkyDesigners – Saint-Tropez La Mole

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A challenging approach between mountains, in front of the Mediterranean Sea and settled in the French Riviera close to Saint-Tropez : LFTZ La Mole airport combine good points. SkyDesigners designed it for FSX with photoreal textures on terrain and buildings, with static objects : vehicles, passengers and employees, animals, ..