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Flight Sim World – SDK Released

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Dovetail Games announce that “it’s time to create” content, with the release of their Software Development Kit to allow users and designers to create more add-ons for Flight Sim World. Here is the SDK, and there’s a note from Stephen Hood, FSW Executive Producer, about that topic.

Add-on or Expansion Pack

64-bit Modelling Tools for Prepar3D

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Under the banner headline “More is Better”, Lockheed-Martin’s Prepar3D team have formally announced the release of the 64-bit version of their modelling tools for the sim. Available to download through the website for customers with appropriate subscriptions, the tools form part of an updated Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) for Prepar3D…


Time for Pete Dowson’s tools updates

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You’re too busy looking for the latest airport preview, or the latest aircraft review. So busy you didn’t think about basics, like checking for updates of Pete Dowson’s tools and SDK like FSUIPC or WideFS. Pete has some links to help you get sort this out.