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AMJ Scenery Studio – Ultra China Shanghai Pudong Intl XP11

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After a long intercontinental flight, it’s really rewarding to land at a very detailed realistic airport. For X-Plane 11 pilots, we recommend Ultra China Shanghai Pudong made by AMJ Scenery Studio. With this scenery, you will directly appreciate the custom buildings, jetways, taxisigns and it’s also compatible with SAM plugin.


Review: Elite-Air Studios Shanghai Pudong intl. Airport

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Naming big cities in Asia isn’t hard. Cities like Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong instantly spring to mind. But, these probably aren’t even the first cities you will be mentioning, for there is an even more famous city: Shanghai. Shanghai is one of those cities that everybody knows. Maybe it’s because of the name, which sounds, at least to Europeans, like a typically Chinese name, even more so then Beijing. Perhaps it’s because of the landmarks and its rich history. Whatever it is, the city is huge and famous, and so is its airport.