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Simaviatik – Light Patch

You must have heard about Simaviatik hardware products like this motion platform, or the EUR 130’000.00 737NG full simulator. Now we’ll present you Light Patch.

More SimAviatik News

So you think 75.000 Euros is too cheap? You reckon ‘that can’t be a quality simulator’? Well, than the 130.000 Euro version is for YOU

Only 75.000 Euros…….

…. and you can fly your own full-motion B737 in your garden shed or bedroom ! Simaviatik from Switzerland is now offering their full 737

R22/44 Pitch Lever

And from SimAviatik in Switzerland we present you the “…… Realistic pitch lever for R22/R44. Fly your R22/R44 helictoper at your home like the real

Moving Platform From SimAviatik

SimAviatik, the cockpit builders from Switzerland, have now released their moving platform onto the market. “….. The Full-Motion Platform enables the simulation of the aircraft

SimAviatik Helicopter Controls

SimAviatik AG from Switzerland sent us a picture of their new helicopter controls that include a pitch lever and pedals. It so happens we’ve seen

Simaviatik Helicopter Hardware

Simaviatik from Switzerland has added some more parts to the simMarket shop. One is a ‘realistic pedal for all helicopter versions. Prototypical replica of the

Simaviatik’s Cockpits On simMarket

The Swiss company Simaviatik is making and selling mostly-finished cockpits. We sell them on simMarket now, and frankly we expect to sell a few hundred

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