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SimBreeze – Hurghada HEGN MSFS

Just beside the Red Sea, SimBreeze modelled the Egyptian airport of Hurghada HEGN, integrated into MSFS scenery. After the installation, the detailed airport will come

Simbreeze – Düsseldorf DE Update 1.1

Simbreeze announced an update v1.1 for their MSFS scenery in Germany of Düsseldorf airport (EDDL). It will fix the dynamic lights, modify the jetways, and

Simbreeze – Düsseldorf MSFS

Simbreeze mostly designed sceneries in the Middle-East region of the world, out of Tenerife and Rheinland. Among the new products launched this week, this team

Simbreeze – Abu Dhabi OMAA P3D5

Good news for Simbreeze‘s customers who purchased Abu Dhabi OMAA for P3D4. They are entitled for a free upgrade and can download now the new

Simbreeze – Rheinland P3D5

It’s a bundle of three German airports for P3D5, Dusseldorf EDDL, Cologne/Bonn EDDK and Moenchengladbach EDLN. In each airport of Rheinland P3D5, the virtual pilot

Simbreeze – Hurghada X V2 HEGN P3D4

Simbreeze made a P3D4 scenery of Hurghada International, now available at simMarket. A wide area around the airport and numerous animations complete the pack :

Simbreeze – Abu Dhabi OMAA P3D4

2 Years after the previous version, Abu Dhabi OMAA for P3D4 appears with new features : SODE animated jetways and dynamic lights. Simbreeze allows the

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