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Aerosoft have just released their latest Mega Airport for FSX. Titled Zurich 2012 it is a detailed recreation of Switzerland’s largest international airport. The airport is located north of the large metropolitan city of Zurich which is on the north eastern tip of Lake Zurich.

The airport has gone through a number of major changes in the past decade. With the demise of Swissair in 2002 the airport saw a substantial drop in traffic. The airline has since been resurrected by Lufthansa which took it over and renamed it Swiss International Air Lines. Since then the level of traffic has been steadily increasing.


Chicago Midway International airport, KMDW, is the second largest passenger airport in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Located in the southwest side of the city the airport was originally opened in 1923 as Chicago Airpark with a single runway and was used primarily for airmail services. In 1926 the city of Chicago leased the land for commercial purposes and in 1927 renamed the airport to Chicago Municipal Airport. In 1949 it was renamed Chicago Midway Airport after the Battle of Midway from World War II.

Gatwick airport, EGKK, is located approximately 46 kms south of the city of London in the United Kingdom. Originally opened in the 1920’s it served as an aerodrome up until 1933 when it was approved for commercial flights. They were eventually halted in 1936 after two fatal accidents called into question the airport’s safety. Between 1936 and 1958 it was used as a civilian airfield and as an RAF base during the Second World War.

Stuttgart, EDDS, is an international airport located 13kms south of the city of Stuttgart which is the capitol city of the state of Baden-Württemberg in south-west Germany. The airport has a single 10,974ft runway 07/25 and four terminals with a capacity of 12 million passengers. In 2009 just under 9 million passengers used the airport, well under it’s current capacity.

Weeze airport also known as Niederrhein airport is located about 3 kms southwest of the small municipality of Weeze in the Lower Rhine, Niederrhein region of Germany.

Originally known as RAF airbase Laarbruch it was the home to a variety of RAF Squadrons up until it’s closure in 1999. In 2003 it reopened as a civilian airport under the name of Weeze Airport with a single runway 09/27 @ 8005ft long. Today it is mainly used by low cost carriers such as Ryan Air. In 2008 just over 1.5 million passengers used the facilitie

Barcelona Airport, LEBL, also known as El Prat Airport is located 10 kms southwest of the city of Barcelona Spain on the beautiful Mediterranean. The airport has three runways 07L/25R @ 3,352 m, 07R/25L @ 2,660 m and 02/20 @ 2,540 m. The second largest airport in Spain behind Madrid-Barajas Airport it serves mainly domestic routes and is a major hub for Spanair. In 2009 it served an estimated 27 million passengers.

Tampa International airport, KTPA, is located just west of Tampa, Florida. The airport has three runways; 10/28@6,999ft, 19L/1R@8,300ft and 19R/1L@11,002ft. The airport has a centrally located main terminal with 4 satellite (airside) terminals around the outside that are connected via an elevated APM, automated people mover system. Tampa was the first airport to employ this type of configuration. With over 16 million passengers using the facility in 2009 it was the 26th busiest airport in North America as far as passenger traffic goes.