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Simworld 737NG Forward Overhead

By 0 We reported the availability of the main panel module for Simworld’s USB Plung & Play B737NG cockpit at the weekend, it has now been joined on simMarket by the forward overhead panel module, displayed in the video above as part of the full package.

Other Simulations

Simworld – A320 Simulator in Germany

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The complete Airbus A320 cockpit simulator of Simworld is located near Stuttgart, in Germany. Book your tickets at simMarket, and choose your flight time from 60 minutes. A flight instructor will join you onboard after a 20 minutes flight briefing, and you will receive a certificate at the end.

Hardware & Cockpit

Simworld – Main Instrument Panel Kit Full

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Built with aluminium backplates (lasercut and powder coated), Simworld offers a full kit of main instrument panel to assembly your Boeing home-cockpit. Available with or without backside support frames, they’re cut and designed to receive the electronic parts, screens and controls you may choose apart.