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TrisoftSim – Aerofly FS2 Skiathos

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Add-on scenery for Aerofly FS2 and developed by TrisoftSim, the island of Skiathos is recreated in the Aegean Sea near mainland Greece. The use of custom mesh and photoreal views as terrain textures are crucial, watch the video to make your mind before your visit at simMarket.


29Palms – Skiathos Update v1.5

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If Skiathos LGSK, the beautiful Greek island, makes part of your sceneries, 29Palms Scenery Design inform their customers that they have an important and FREE update v1.5 ready for download. The scenery is now only compatible with P3D v4/v3. The designers improved the performance, added static and animated people, dynamic lights…


29Palms – Skiathos v1.5 Preview

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They already announced that their Greek scenery of Skiathos would be upgraded with new effects and features, plus the P3D v4 compatibility. With the latest preview screenshots uploaded, the upcoming free upgrade can be appreciated.


29Palms Scenery Design – Skiathos v1.5 soon

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Numerous improvements and new features have been added to Skiathos version 1.5 scenery by 29Palms Scenery Design. Among them, we find the P3D v4 compatibility of course, as many customers have been waiting for it.


Viking Wings – Skiathos Airport blu-ray

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httpv:// Skiathos is a Greek island on the Eastern coast of Greece, in front of the Aegean Sea. Like St Maarten in the Caribbean region, the beach is very close to the runway threshold. People standing there may be jet blasted. Viking Wings went there to spot the airplanes landing…