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SkyHighSim announce Dubrovnik

SkyHighSim will program our navigation systems and routes to head us to Dubrovnik LDDU in Croatia. Their quick announcement is illustrated by an early view

SkyHighSim – Belgrade for X-Plane

.Belgrade is another European capital to get his airport detailed for X-Plane 10, here by SkyHighSim. This team is specialized in modelling airports of that

SkyHighSim – Belgrade X-Plane revealed

For the first time, SkyHighSim is working on a scenery project for X-Plane : Belgrade LYBE. Actually, they are adapting Belgrade X v2 for Laminar Research

Belgrade X V2 in FSX / P3D v1/v2.2

Introduced as a small Serbian company on their own page at simMarket, SkyHighSim made a good demonstration of their airports sceneries design skills in the latest products

SkyHighSim – Osijek in Croatia

Installing Osijek airport scenery will let you discover a little Croatian airport modeled with many features like big hubs products can have. The photoreal terrain

SkyHighSim announce new project

With Belgrade X now released, and as the XPlane conversion is moving along, SkyHighSim have announced next scenery project. Once again they are revisiting an

SkyHighSim Belgrade X for FSX/P3D

More than two years after FS9 release, SkyHighSim should release Belgrade X (code LYBE) for FSX and Prepar3d. They even planned the date of availability

Skyhighsim – Tivat 2010

Located in Montenegro, Tiviat 2010 is a FS2004 scenery of the second largest airport. You will not only perform challenging approach and takeoff, but you

Serbia’s Belgrade Airport

SkyHighSim has built and released their Belgrade Airport for FS2004 now. According to the designer “….. Although the airport scenery was modeled to the smallest

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