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12BPilot – SODE VDGS Pack Review

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Many simmers enjoy SODE animated jetways and docking systems in P3D/FSX. The authors 12BPilot recently released SODE VDGS Pack with more units made available. How does it look, how does it work ? This is Capt. Richard Aviation’s review for simFlight.


12BPilot – SODE VDGS Pack FSX P3D

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If SODE animations pack is a freeware upgrade for many airports add-ons, it can be now completed with the SODE VDGS Pack FSX P3D for sale at simMarket. It will add several and realistic Visual Docking Guidance Systems units (SimObjects). Note that it requires that the airport scenery designer specifically…


JustSim – Update soon for Nice LFMN

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Already announced in October, JustSim is about to release their update for Nice LFMN in the French Riviera in front of the Mediterranean Sea. The airport will be upgraded with a custom ground polygon to support the best visuals features of P3D and it will also add SODE animated jetways.

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FSX Scenery designer? SODE it!

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One of the biggest disappointments with FSX for scenery designers, when the sim was released umpteen-and-a-few years ago, was the fact that ACES neglected to include something called “conditional animations”. That means nothing to most people, but if I said “opening hangar doors”, “custom windsocks”, “piles of snow” and “this…