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REX – Soft Clouds Updated for P3D V4

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Soft Clouds has passed the exam to be updated for P3D v4 at REX Game Studios. The 3D clouds textures set supports the HDR feature in all P3D versions, and is also compliant with DirectX11/10/9. The manager Reed Stough edited a table to help their users in having an idea…


REX – Soft Clouds for FS9

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It’s now also possible to FS9 virtual pilots to install the Soft Clouds of REX in order to get a realistic volumetric effects. It’s designed to achieve the best visual results on low or high end systems, with 32bit or DXT3 textures included.


REX – Service Packs Released

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REX have released a new service pack for multiple products of theirs. To download any one of the updates mentioned below; simply download from the application or download from the support forum. REX Softclouds has now been updated to Service Pack 2 whilst REX 4: Texture Direct has also been updated…


REX Product Integration Announcement

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REX Game Studios have announced that REX Soft Clouds has been integrated into their REX4 Texture Direct package, allowing users of both add-ons to combine the functionality of them. The integration package, which requires a valid copy of both add-ons to already be installed, can be found on the REX support forum, here. To read…