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Flightsimmers Become Reality

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Weird title, eh? What I mean is that sometimes it is nice to go from the simulated and virtual world we ‘simmers’ like to live and hide in out into the real world and actually MEET each other. That can be at big events such as the various flightsim ‘conferences’,…


Sim Outhouse Hacked

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Yet another FS web site apparently got hacked last night. The bad thing is that the hackers may have retrieved passwords from users who were so careless to try and log in into the non-regular screen presented to them !! So if you are one of those, and use that…


New Super Cub Coming

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Mike Cyul over at the SOH forums has posted a few screenshots of his upcoming new Super Cub for FSX. This little aicraft mus be one of the most porrtrayed models for the sim, short of the Cessna’s, and is a great plane for the bush pilots and other VFR…

Freeware News

Northrop XP-56 “Black Bullet” For FSX

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Tim Conrad, aka Piglet, has released yet another of his freeware models. The Northrop XP-56 is made for FSX SP2 and was “…….an experimental tailess fighter developed to explore flying wing fighter designs. While it flew well enough, the XP-56 never acheived its design performance, and eventually was made obsolete…