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Immersive Audio – Maddog X Cockpit Sound Immersion P3D4.4-5

By 0 Immersive Audio decided to further improve the sounds of the excellent payware airliner Fly The Maddog X. Cockpit Sound Immersion P3D4.4-5 is exclusively made for these aircraft models MD-82, and includes high quality cockpit sounds (GPWS, wipers, Authrottle servos, gear..).


Immersive Audio – 737XU Cockpit Sound Immersion Lite P3D v5/v4.4

By 0

At the difference with previous soundpacks from Immersive Audio, their new 737XU Cockpit Sound includes true stereo recordings, and many new sounds : over 100. For example, the nose gear airflow, rattle and rotation, or the speedbrake rumble have been added for the most realistic experience, only for PMDG 737NGXu,…


TSS – Boeing 747 RR RB211-524 Pilot Edition FSX P3D

By 0 Turbine Sound Studios is a team who clearly knows what a soundset must be. You can install that 747 RR RB211-524 Pilot Edition pack especially for your PMDG 747-400 V3 in P3D or FSX since the designers recorded it in HD for this aircraft model.

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